Clear& Uncensored!

Take a Deeper Look

The Beatles Sgt Pepper album cover is an iconic piece of art known worldwide. Compare the widely sold album to this limited print and you will see many differences including removed faces and embellishments.

Straight From The Original Negative

Now you can see the Beatles album like never before. This Limited Edition Print is direct from the original negative and shows a work in progress.

Missing Person Beatles Sgt Pepper Album

Missing In Action!

Whose picture was removed when a high fee was demanded for its inclusion on the cover. You'll see it on the Original Sgt. Pepper Album Lithograph!

Politically Correct!

Even then, efforts were made not to "offend" sensitivities, so the image of this personality was taken out. But not on the Original Sgt. Pepper Album Lithograph!

Missing Person 2 Beatles Sgt Pepper Album
sgt pepper album content

Untouched Photograph

The original Sgt. Pepper photo required considerable touching up. The Album - Poster comparison side-by-side shows exactly what was done!


Best Quality Image Around!

When you order the Original Sgt. Pepper Album Lithograph you'll get an oversize, quality image that is vastly superior to the album printing.

20170126_095405 (1)
Frame not Included

FREE! When you purchase this unique Beatles' collectible, you don't just get the Original Sgt. Pepper Album Poster! You get a signed and numbered print, Certificate of Authenticity and an interesting pamphlet "The Making of Pepper" (all about this original concept album photograph)..

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